Evening Prayer

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Join us on Zoom to pray the traditional Prayer Book service of Evening Prayer. These simple services will incorporate brief musical offerings. Register on Zoom

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Prayers for Repentance & Reconciliation

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Pause for a few moments on Fridays in Lent to be nourished by the ancient words of scripture and to pray a special Litany of Repentance. The service will be led by members of St. Paul’s Sacred Ground circles, a ministry of the Episcopal Church that fosters racial healing, reconciliation,…

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Finding New Meaning in an Ancient Prayer

Good Lord, deliver us. “Unprecedented” was named “Word of the Year” by Dictionary.com last year after its appearance in news media and public discourse skyrocketed amid the pandemic. Linguistic purists, though, rightly question whether we’ve robbed this word of its meaning. In the full sweep of human history, how “unprecedented”…

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