So, you’ve been asked to make a video for us? Firstly, thank you. Secondly, THANK YOU for your willingness to help us stay connected! This page outlines what we’re looking for, in general, so be sure to follow any additional instructions you may have received.


Be mindful of and take care to minimize extra noises. Most viewers will excuse a not-so-great camera, but won’t watch if they can’t hear you.

  • Record indoors to avoid wind;
  • Minimize background noises:
    • dishwashers
    • TVs
    • loudly ticking clocks


We want to see you, so be sure to be in a room with good lighting.

  • Face windows and other light sources rather than having them behind you;
  • Make sure we can see all of your wonderfully smiling face.



  • Record in horizontal/landscape position;
  • Do not hold in hand, place somewhere stable;
  • Turn the phone to airplane mode, and not just silent or tickle;
  • If possible, try using the rear facing camera.


This is a safe and suggested method, but most laptop cameras are bad. You can be the judge.



  • Get the camera eye level using some books, a box, or whatever you may have around your home;
  • Get as close to the center as you can;
  • For distance:
    • Place your first on your head;
    • Move in or out until the top of the frame is just above your fist.

Pressing Record

We want to make transitions as smooth as possible, so we’re asking you to use this countdown approach.

When you’re ready,

  • Press record;
  • Look into the camera;
  • Silently countdown from five (5);
  • Have a live face and be ready to speak by three (3);
  • Start speaking when you reach zero (0).

When you’re done, hold your live face and count to five (5) again.


We like using It’s easy and you can send directly from the homepage without needing an account.

If you’re more comfortable with another way (Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox), that works too. Just be sure to share with the file(s) with edit permissions.