Organ Crawl #2 – Organ 101

Event details

  • Sunday | April 10, 2016
  • 4:00 pm
  • St. Paul's Nave

HradetskyKeyboard_JP_WebSt. Paul’s Organist Karel Paukert invites organ “newbies” and aficionados alike to Organ Crawl No. 2: Organ 101 on Sunday, April 10, at 4 p.m. This time it will be a visit into the vast repository of organ literature, with special focus on the forms in J.S. Bach’s time: Fugue, Toccata, Chorale prelude, Passacaglia and more. Karel will play excerpts and explain the historical development of some of the forms that mostly originated in Italy, Spain and France, that J.S.B. and his German predecessors and contemporaries adopted and further developed creatively.

Please call the Parish Office, (216) 932-5815, about your intention to attend Organ 101. For practical reasons, the session will be limited to twenty-five persons. As in Organ Crawl No.1, simple handouts will be available.

Please assemble in the rear balcony around Hradetzky organ. For the second part of the crawl, you will be invited to gather in the front to hear firsthand the beauty and powerful impact of the Holtkamp organ.