Adult Forum: Brandon Chrostowski — EDWINS Institute

Event details

  • Sunday | September 11, 2016
  • 10:00 am
  • St. Paul's Tucker Hall

BrandonCJoin us for the kick off of our program year at St. Paul’s on Sunday, September 11, when we will hold a special Adult Forum at 10 a.m. in Tucker Hall.

Brandon Chrostowski will speak about his experience and vision in founding EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute. His non-profit organization gives formerly-incarcerated adults a foundation in the hospitality industry while providing a support network necessary for a successful reentry. This presentation will preview the Town Hall Series set for three Sundays in October. (See below.)

All are welcome!

Mark your calendar for these upcoming Adult Forum presentations:

Current EDWINS students and/or their family members will speak on the following topics at 10 a.m. in St. Paul’s Dining Room.

Sunday, October 2 : Inside Prison
What it means to be incarcerated and to have someone close to you incarcerated.

Sunday, October 9 : Reentry
The challenges of employment and housing after being released from prison.

Sunday, October 16 : Hope
A call to action to help create opportunities for those who have been incarcerated.