Adult Forum Advent Series — Dr. Natalie Weaver: Conceiving God

Event details

  • Sunday | December 2, 2018
  • 10:10 am
  • Dining Room

All are welcome to join us at 10:10 a.m. in the Dining Room on three Sundays in Advent for the Adult Forum Series:

Reflections on Birthing the Body of Christ led by Dr. Natalie Weaver, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Ursuline University.

In the first session on Sunday, December 2: Conceiving God We will consider a theology of Incarnation.  What does it mean for us that God takes on a human body in the person of Jesus? What has this meant for other believers through time? Our faith is a distinctly embodied one, and so what might this mean for our bodies?

Looking ahead in this series…
December 9:
Expecting Jesus — In the second session, we will develop a theology of the body in dialogue with motherhood in the infancy narratives.  Our topics will include the vulnerability of the body, the sexual person, and the deeply human need to be received and sheltered in our bodily fragility, especially during times of transition and risk.

December 16: Breathing the Spirit — In the third session, we will discuss the challenges of preparing ourselves for delivering and receiving the Holy Spirit in our lives.  As God’s ongoing embodiment, the Body of Christ meets daily challenges to prepare itself for the Lord. Inspired by Mary and Jesus’ story, how might we prepare ourselves for Christ this Advent season?