Online Lenten Adult Forum: Christian Story and Public Conscience

Event details

  • Sunday | March 29, 2020
  • All Day
  • St. Paul's Dining Room

St. Paul’s Adult Formation Committee is pleased to welcome Dr. Natalie Kertes Weaver to the Adult Forum for another intriguing series of lectures. Please join us on our YouTube Channel for the final session in our four-part Lenten series entitled Examining Conscience in Christian Narrative at 10:10 a.m. in the Dining Room.

Dr. Weaver earned her B.A. at John Carroll University, M.A. at Pepperdine University, and Ph.D. at Loyola University Chicago. Her areas of interest and expertise include: feminist theology; theology of suffering; theology of the family; religion and violence; and (inter)sex and theology.

Dr. Weaver has been recording her sessions at home for us so that we can continue the Lenten forums series during the Stay at Home order! We are grateful for her devoted offering.

Watch the final session online on March 29:

Christian Story and Public Conscience — This session will critically examine the function of Christian storytelling, through liturgy and public acts, considering responsibility for and accountability to the larger context in which Christians engage and apply their consciences through their life, work, and societal choices.  This session will consider Christian story-telling in historical-developmental perspective, with a goal to challenge our narratives where they have become complacent, detached, or self-serving toward the end of engaging a greater awareness of Christian conscience in action.